SSI Basic License Agreement


Screening License & Agreement

Screening of the film SHE STARTED IT is strictly prohibited without a signed License Agreement from THE LICENSOR, FIRST ROUND FILMS, LLC.

The Licensee hereby agrees to the following:

  • In consideration of payment in advance of the license fee provided for above, the LICENSOR, First Round Films, LLC, will provide the LICENSEE, with one (1) DVD (educational or full version) – to be used for the screening, access to electronic publicity resources, and this license to screen the film. The LICENSOR hereby grants to the LICENSEE, a limited, non-exclusive, non- transferable license to screen the film SHE STARTED IT following the public performance guidelines, subject to the terms and conditions specified herein, as follows:
  • The LICENSEE hereby agrees that the film shall be used only for the permitted purposes as set forth in this AGREEMENT and for no other purpose.
  • The LICENSEE agrees that only one screening can occur; written permission is needed if more than one screening needs to occur due to technical issues.
  • The LICENSEE understands and agrees that the Picture licensed hereunder by the Licensee may not be: (a) sub-licensed to any third party.
  • The LICENSEE shall not make or authorize any modifications to the Picture or any other materials provided by Distributor hereunder, and shall not make or authorize deletions, cuts, alterations, additions, or other modifications in the Picture and the Picture materials in any manner without Distributor’s prior written approval, nor shall Licensee delete the copyright notice or the talent, writing, producing, and directing credits or any other contractually required credits from the Picture.
  • The LICENSEE agrees that they shall not permit SHE STARTED IT to be duplicated, sold, loaned, transferred, televised or made available online or to any other party not contained herein at any time or in any manner other than as provided for in this AGREEMENT.
  • The LICENSEE agrees that under the rights of this public performance license, no admission may be charged.
  • The LICENSEE agrees to return the DVD copy within one week of screening by first class mail paid for by the LICENSEE to: First Round Films, LLC, 555 Bryant Street #812, Palo Alto, CA 94301.


With respect to the License granted hereunder, it is expressly understood and acknowledged by the LICENSEE that any rights, title, or interest that the LICENSOR maintains with respect to the film SHE STARTED IT are expressly reserved by the LICENSOR.

Not licensed for IP server applications. Under no circumstances can the film be screened online or hosted on a server without written permission.

Screening License Agreement




Date of Screening:

Venue (and address):


Shipping Address of DVD

Version of Film

*By default, we will ship a DVD, if you prefer a Blu-ray, let us know below, otherwise, leave blank.

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Signed by Insiyah Saeed
Signed On: March 12, 2017

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